Case Study

JägerHaus festival


Design and build the unearthed “JägerHaus”, pop-up venue, travelling around the country to multiple festivals over a 4-year period.
Incorporate, a stage hosting live music, bars serving Jägermeister based cocktails, a VIP area and an outdoor chill zone. Flexible enough in its construction to cope with a wide variety of surfaces and terrains.


  • We manufactured a bespoke double-decker marquee with bar and VIP area and a warehouse space for the live music.
  • The interior was fitted out in custom-made panelling, creating a unique and immersive experience complete with secret passageways, scented haze and 3-D stag tunnel.
  • A multi-zoned sound system was designed to provide flexibility to broadcast a single source such as the DJ, throughout the Haus or to switch the sound into 4 separate autonomous systems.
  • To bring the structure to life we used a combination of spot, wash and moving head lights.


  • Three seasons, 13 festivals, 800,000 visitors, the JägerHaus is one of Jägermeister’s most successful marketing activations, reaching some 2.3m social media users.
  • Winner of Best Brand Activation at the Festival Awards 2017.


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Case Studies


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