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Tech talent shortages put live events at risk – DO you agree?

January 8, 2024

In our most recent newsletter we encouraged clients to try and book early as we are experiencing a shortage in good Freelancers across all disciplines. This shortage was there last year and does not appear to have improved much. Would you agree?

Why the shortage?
Brexit – the restrictions on movement of people, including freelancers, from the EU
Covid 19 – with the events industry at a standstill during lockdown many freelancers were forced to seek alternative work.
Tax Regulations – IR35 has created huge amounts of confusion and uncertainty with freelancing no longer being the attractive option it once use to be. Hopes that the Spring Budget 2023 might ease the problem have proved fruitless with ‘next to nothing’ being offered to Freelancers by the Government.
Competition – other industry sectors have been actively headhunting freelancers with transferrable skills in Technology leaving the events sector under-resourced and disarray.
Suppliers are also harder to secure: to safeguard their revenue streams many are choosing to act as ‘preferred suppliers’ with specific venues for a number of years and are therefore less available for ad hoc events.

Peachy’s Advice?

If you are planning an event this year start making preparations well in advance and secure your suppliers as soon as possible. We are lucky to have built strong and long lasting relations with many suppliers in the industry, but the lack of available freelancers means we all have to keep one step ahead!
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