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Dry Hire Terms of Conditions
1. DEFINITION. In these terms and conditions, PEACHY means PEACHY PRODUCTIONS (LONDON) Ltd. ‘The Client means the person, firm or company making the booking, and the booking means the equipment supplied as outlined in the final quotation supplied by PEACHY; ‘The ‘quotation’ means PEACHY list of production equipment based on the booking; and ‘terms and conditions’ means the standard terms and conditions set out in this document and includes any special terms and conditions agreed in writing between the Client and PEACHY.
2. QUOTATIONS. Quotations are valid for three months from the date the quotation is given to the client.
3. HIRE. Props are hired to one location only. If you wish to take the Props to a separate location this will constitute a separate hire and you will be charged accordingly.
We may require you to pay a deposit for the Props, which will be determined by us and will be retained by us in the event of loss or damage to the Props.
You are responsible for acquiring any necessary permission and consents in respect of the use of the Props and ensuring the Props are stored and used in accordance with all laws and regulations. Please keep Props away from heat sources as some Props may be flammable. Our Props may have signs of wear and tear and are supplied “as seen”. You may inspect the Props prior to placing your order by providing us with reasonable notice and at a time agreed by us.
We may supply a reasonable substitute for Props in the event of unavailability.
If we agree to deliver and/ or collect: (6.1) We will deliver to and collect from ground floor loading bay unless we agree otherwise; and (6.2) Only one delivery person will be provided. You may be required to assist with the off loading and uploading of Props. You will be liable for any damage caused by you whilst you load the Props.
If you are not present for delivery and/or collection, our collection or delivery note is final and conclusive evidence of the amount of Props and quality of the Props collected or delivered. If you are arranging collection or return, suitable transport must be provided. We will refuse to release Props to unsuitable transport. You must test electrical Props before use and only use electrical Props in conjunction with a Residual Current Device (RCD).
Props must only be used indoors unless we agree otherwise.
You must insure the Props from dispatch/ delivery by us until such Props are received back by us.
You must pay for all losses and damage in full and these sums will be charged to your credit card.
Title in the Props shall remain with us at all times.
Props must be returned and repackaged in same condition as they were received.
Our hire charge is payable even if the Props are returned unused and Props not returned by the due date, advised to you by us, will be charged at our standard daily rate
4. CONFIRMATION. No bookings shall be deemed to be accepted by PEACHY unless, and until confirmed in writing by the client. The client’s signature will confirm acceptance both of the Quotation and of these Terms and Conditions.
5. THIRD PARTY ARRANGEMENTS. When a function is arranged on behalf of the Client by a third party, written acceptance from the Client of the quotation (including agreement to pay the deposit and final invoice) must be provided to PEACHY.
6. ADVERTISING MATERIAL. All drawings, descriptive matter, specification and advertising issued by PEACHY and any descriptions or illustrations contained in the PEACHY catalogue, brochures or Quotations are issued or published for the sole purpose of giving an approximate idea of the goods or services described in them.
Peachy Productions Ltd, 1-2 Grange Mills, Weir Road, London, SW12 0NA t: +44(0) 208 675 7495 f: +44(0) 20 8673 3330
7. DEPOSITS. To secure the day for the event the Client must send a deposit of 50% of the Total cost on the quotation. If the Client fails to pay the deposit PEACHY will be entitled to cancel the booking.
8. PAYMENT. Unless otherwise agreed by prior arrangement, all invoices are due for settlement within 30 days of the date of issue, Payment must be made by cheque, OR BACS, payable to PEACHY PRODUCTIONS Ltd.
9. CANCELLATION. In the event of cancellation the following charges will be invoiced and due for payment on the date of commencement of the originally contracted period of hire or within 30 days of that date where a credit agreement is in place.
Cancellation more than 14 days before the commencement of the period of hire - 0% of the outstanding balance.
Cancellation between 7 and 14 days before the commencement of the period of hire -25% of the outstanding balance.
Cancellation less than 7 days before the commencement of the period of hire - 90% of the outstanding balance.
10. VAT. VAT at 17.5% is payable on all sums due in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.
11. PROPERTY. PEACHY shall not be held liable for loss, theft, or damage to any of the Client’s or the Client’s guest property whilst in custody of PEACHY or during the event generally.
12. LOSS AND DAMAGE. The Client is fully responsible for all equipment supplied by PEACHY from the time of delivery until it is collected. Risk of any damage to or loss of the equipment shall pass to the Client on delivery and any breakages, loss or damage, however caused, will be charged to the Client at the full replacement cost.
13. CLIENTS RESPONSIBILITY. The Client will be responsible for and will Indemnify PEACHY fully against all claims, costs, loss or damage or liability arising due to any act, neglect or default of the Client or of any person for whom the Client is responsible, including but not limited to the persons the Client has invited to the event.
14. FORCE MAJEURE. No liability is accepted for failure of performance due to strike, lockout, accidents, terrorism, fire, floods, ice, or other such events beyond the control of PEACHY. Provided that in any event PEACHY liability is limited to the invoice value of the services provided by PEACHY.
15. LIMITATION OF LIABILITY. No liability is accepted for loss, damage or consequential loss caused by the Company’s failure to perform its obligation (whether that failure is due to negligence on the part of PEACHY, its officers, employees or sub contractors or due to other causes).
16. LAW OF THE CONTRACT. English law shall govern the contract, which incorporates these Terms and Conditions, and the parties agree to submit to the excusive jurisdiction of the English Courts. Unless otherwise expressly agreed in writing the provisions of the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 shall not apply.